Engineers Developed Wearable Displays for Various Applications

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The team of the experts has developed wearable displays for numerous applications such as healthcare, information technology, and fashion. The experts integrating organic light-emitting diode into fabrics to develop most flexible technology for wearable displays. The team of the researcher led by professor Kyung Cheol.

The information displays have turned out to be progressively essential as they develop the outer piece of savvy gadgets for the people to come. The team of the researcher drew attention by making great progress towards wearable displays.

In order to realize clothing-shaped wearable displays, the team focused on two different techniques. The group effectively overlaid a thin planarization sheet thermally onto texture to shape a surface that is good with the OLEDs around 200 hundred nanometers thick, in 2015. In 2016, to develop polymer light-emitting diodes the team introduced a dip-coating method.

Ph.D. candidate Seungyeop Choi took the lead in the research team and succeeded in realizing fabric-based OLEDs, based on the 2015 and 2016’s research,

Seungyeop Choi said, “Having wavy structures and empty spaces, fiber plays a significant role in lowering the mechanical stress on the OLEDs”. He said, “Screen displayed on our daily clothing is no longer a future technology”. Further, he added, “Light-emitting clothes will have considerable influence on not only the e-textile industry but also the automobile and healthcare industries”.

The team of the experts stated, “It means a lot to realize clothing-shaped OLEDs that have the world’s best luminance and efficiency. It is the most flexible fabric-based light-emitting device among those reported”. Further, team remarked, Moreover, noting that this research carried out an in-depth analysis of the mechanical characteristics of the clothing-spared, light-emitting device, the research performance will become a guideline for developing the fabric-based electronics industry”.