Dutch Artists Stephan Creates “A-Peel-Ing” Designs Out of Banana

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There are many ways to describe the art, but the artists simply describe it with “What we do we Really mean”. Dutch Artists Stephan Brusche recognized for his incredible banana art. His work goes viral using pen and knife to make incredibly a-peel-ing works of art out of bananas.

Artists Stephan Brusche chose to work with bananas because they’re easy to draw on with a ballpoint pen. He recently left his job, so he can focus on creating more fruits of his labor.

Stephan Brusche said, “I have gotten a lot of attention recently and in the past on online media and on social media on my work”. Further, he added, “It’s led to companies approaching me for all kind of projects which I really like doing. But it also made me wonder what if I could really go all into this and really try to make the most of it and devote all my time and energy into this.”

Stephan Brusche has gained a bunch of flowers over 77 thousand. Stephan says he wants to split the credit with his wife for all this creative success. Stephan said, “My wife really encouraging me to dare all dreams that the sky’s the limit if I really trust my talent and dare to believe.