Dubai is a most popular city in the United Arab Emirates as well as well-known for luxury shopping now planning to doubles down on smart technology. Some smart technological change will entirely reform the future beyond the expectation.

An American Multinational Computer Technology company, Dell Technologies expects that the emerging technology such as cloud computing, robotics, artificial intelligence will transform the way to live the life.

The company further stated that by 2030, today’s jobs will remain in an electronic job market of the future.

Dell’s chief marketing officer, Mr. Jeremy Burton said, “An expected 85 percent of occupations in 2030 haven’t been imagined yet.”

Research Director, Rachel Maguire said, “At no other time has the business experienced so much interruption, and the pace of progress is genuine.”

Further, Rachel said, “To jump ahead in the time of human-machine organizations, each business should be an advanced business, with programming at its center.”

Dubai is not laying on its successes even with fast change and vulnerability in the years ahead.

The United Nations declared that the city has been officially selected as the Local Data Hub for the Middle East, and as the Local Data Hub Dubai will join a globally wired network of growing cities, also serve as a devoted stand for city-to-city learning and ‘solutions transfer’ across metropolitan.

Bin Bishr said, “Smart Dubai 2021 is an action plan for the near future as we work to transform Dubai into a fully smart city with smart government services that make people’s lives and business dealings easier.”