A Special election in Pennsylvania a blow to president trump. The race of special election too close to call but Democrat Conor Lamb has already declared a victory in a district that the president won by 20 points. Democrat Conor Lamb has a slight lead over the Republican, Rick Saccone but the race is still close too to project.

There are two outstanding countries with absentee ballots. Saccone needed to win a big percentage of those ballots and Conor Lamb has come on top in one of those count lists. Less than a thousand votes separating Democrats Conor Lamb and Republican, Rick Saccone in the special election. Regardless, overnight Lamb declaring victory.

Conor Lamb said, “It took longer than we thought, but we did it”.

The political thriller playing out overnight on news. Sources stated that this is the race that comes down to the very last precinct. Throughout most of the night, Lamb was leading but by small margin and Saccone refusing to give up.

Saccone aligned himself to president trump while Republican groups and GOP PACS poured more than $10 million to back him. The big highlight for Democrats, Lamb outperformed Hillary Clinton in Republic, Democratic, large and small precincts in the district.

Sources asked Conor Lamb about his sudden rise, on which he replied, “Hopefully it’s because they like me, and they believe what I told them which is that I am going to work really hard for every single one of them. No matter what party they are and who they voted for.

So far, no side has mentioned that we do know Rick Saccone will meet his team to figure out his options. The official winner of the election will not be declared for at least for a couple of days or even weeks, but very positive news for Conor Lamb.