Cookies noted as small files that are downloaded at the time when a particular person visit the website. They are used to identify the person on the network. A browser sends these cookies back to the site, so website gets to know what you saw on the screen.

Are Cookies viruses?

Cookies are not viruses or any kind of malware that harms your system.

Are Cookies programs?

No. Cookies are not programs; they can’t install the things on your device.

Can cookies see what’s on my computer?

No. Cookies can’t see what is on your computer, not even collect any data from your devices.

Can I control the cookies I get?

Yes, you can control the cookies that you get.

How can I see and manage my cookies in my browser?

All browsers allow you to see what cookies you have got. It also allows you to delete them individually or delete all of them. Some of the cookies also give you right to block cookies that come from the third party.