Bollywood music company T-series is about to become the world’s top YouTube channel

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Bollywood music company T-series is about to become the world’s top YouTube channel and to dethrone the king of YouTube this weekend.

Sweden’s Felix Kjellberg— or “PewDiePie” — has had more subscribers than any other channel on the video streaming platform since 2013.

But it is hoped that India’s biggest music company, T-Series, will get more subscribers by Sunday, a new data from analytics firm Tubular Labs said.

It’s the latest example of India’s rapidly growing clout on the internet. According to official data more than 500 million Indians use the internet and this number is increasing with each day.

By Friday afternoon, T-Series had 67,188,815 subscribers. This number is about 170,000 fewer than PewDiePie subscribers. PewDiePie started out as a video game commentator but now he works into other areas as well such as comedy and internet culture.

T-series produce music for India’s biggest film industry as well as independent artists. Their YouTube channel is getting more YouTube subscribers that the Swedish YouTube star.

The analytics showed that the T-Series has gained an average of 90,000 subscribers a day more than PewDiePie this month. The music company has gained 40.3 million subscribers over the last year while PewDiePie has added 9.7 million only.

T-Series launched its YouTube channel in 2006. The tubular lab’s data shows that the channel has the top viewership number on YouTube. Its videos have been viewed more than 51 billion times than PewDiePie whose videos have been seen only 19 billion times.

Kjellberg, the man behind PewDiePie, talked about his issue in a video on his YouTube channel.

“I don’t really care about T-Series,” he said. “But I think if YouTube does shift in a way where it does feel more corporate … something else will take its place.”

Kjellberg has earned loads of wealth with YouTube. According to an estimate by Forbes, he made $12 million in the year ended June 2017. But he has run into trouble with Google.

He was accused of using Nazi images and anti-Semitic jokes in his videos last year after which Google removed him from its “Google Preferred” service. They also canceled the second season of a show Kjellberg was going to produce for YouTube Red. That time, Kjellberg said that he does not support any kind of negative attitude.