Better Betting Unveils New Betting Currency

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Estonia-based Better Betting is a software framework empowering influence for sports betting on the blockchain, reported its pre-Initial Coin Offering deal in front of its ICO in December. The Better Betting built up in 2017, expects to build up the software systems to enable distributed sports betting on the blockchain. The token sale announces depositors to BETR. BETR is the betting cryptocurrency money that will establish the frameworks of the main genuinely decentralized distributed games betting commercial center on the web. Better Betting will present a progressive curve on the wagering trade display.

Whatever the flutters happen will be put away on the blockchain, providing full straightforwardness and provable decency on all exchanges which wipes out betting between two different parties. The system is free for everyone, easy to use and will be open source. The system looking for min $2M and max $30M raise from December’s ICO, and these assets will be used for the development and release of the Better Betting protocol.

The Better Betting system can be defined as software that gears a distributed directory of sporting events and markets, which utilizes bets as contracts onto the blockchain. This software is called BBN or Better Betting Node. The software helps to find specific bet which makes bet to be standardized. It is easier than traditional methods. The early ICO investment involves a tiered bonus system. A short time later tokens will be issued in ICO esteem and its esteem set to US$0.10c per token.

Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Better Betting Foundation, Adriaan Brink said that they are eager to convey another worldview to the universe of Better Betting. They are presenting a new betting currency by joining the power of blockchain with knowledge of the sports betting industry and experience.