Backcountry Goes Live by Brandlive

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The strategic live video partnership announced between Brandlive and Backcountry. The online retailer specializing in outdoor gear and clothing, Backcountry goes live for three days, and the event will showcase products and sell directly to the customers.

A live video stage, Brandlive cut through the din of digital clutter to enable brands to manufacture human associations and encourage steadfast connections at scale in the advanced world. Backcountry will engage with its audience from December 5-7 featuring product selections from different brands such as Yakima, Black Diamond, Danner, GoPro and so on. Backcountry delivers an interactive retail experience to their customers with the products they have selected for its 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.

Digital Brand Manager at Backcountry, Nicole Sumner said the company connecting the community in new ways. Further, he added that the team excited to work with Brandlive. It is Backcountry’s first big push into a live video which will help to bring the curated products and Gearhead expert knowledge.

During the event, each brand will get a chance to participate in the live conversation with Backcountry’s product enthusiasts also called Gearheads in Backcountry community. Brandlive’s platform allows an audience to ask questions in real time and purchase products right off the event page.

Chief Executive Officer of Brandlive, Fritz Brumder said that the team expects Backcountry to see increased engagement with an already enthusiastic consumer base by incorporating live video into its Holiday Gift Guide. This is Backcountry’s latest pushover digital connection with the vast online audience.