ATLAS Space Operation & Xenesis Jointly Develop Optical Communication Network

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Communication Service provider for Space, ATLAS Space Operations jointly develop Global Optical Network with Xenesis. The network specially designed for high data flow from space. The new network forming communication market scalable.

Chief Executive Officer of ATLAS, Sean McDaniel said, “The team excitedly start the development of the transforming system, once on-orbit operation begins then they will move petabytes of data for users”.

Chief Executive Officer of Xenesis, Mark LaPenna expressed that the association between two organization continues integrated part to address increasing demand for low-cost communications infrastructure.

In the first half of 2018, ATLAS will be looking forward to starting construction of the optical ground system. The construction of such system to be the first fully scalable and optical communications architecture ever deployed.

ATLAS providing affordable access to the highest possible level of service. The company stated that the team allows all kind of customers to gather information from space for use on the ground.