A 27-year-old architect, Leonardo Di Chiara developed a tiny house system that runs on wheels takes minimalist living to the next level. Leonardo hopes to bring tiny living to big cities. The tiny home consists of a hidden bed, a table, a chair in the wall even a small kitchen with pantry storage, ladder and so many amazing things.

The tiny house social movement RTED in the United States and mainly focuses on sustainable living in small homes. These tiny houses are in Berlin and currently, stand outside the Bauhaus-Archive museum.

These adorable tiny houses are only 96 SQ.FT. and has furniture that folds out of the wall like a swiss army knife. Italian architect named tiny house as aVOID tiny house because it’s inspired by emptiness.

Leonardo stated that the house is completely a grey, empty space but also it is a reaction against the traditional housing system. The house is on wheels, so the user can move it everywhere they want. Leonardo said, “I wanted to create a model that the people can use to get closer to the city center”. The tiny house is like minimalist coach which helps to become a minimalist person to own not so many objects, to adopt this reductionist lifestyle.