Apple: Petent ‘Pizza Box’ Gets Hand On Review

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An American Multinational Technology Company, Apple has credited with reinventing the mobile phone as well as the computers and so on. Now the company has redefined the ‘Pizza Box’. Apple’s new invention especially for its California-based headquarters employee. The technology giant has invented a space-age pizza box, the box has a white finish and circular in design. The tech giant carefully placed the holes on the box, which allow heat and moisture to escape, guaranteeing the pizza does not get squelchy. In 2012, the patent was first presented, which defines how the box can be easily put and features a variety of ridges.

At Apple’s ‘Caffe Mac’ canteens the box has been in use for some time, but the box will come in handy at the new “Apple Park” headquarters in Cupertino. To co-operate and inspire employees from a different department, the staff are intended to eat in the huge main café. According to the report from different sources stated that the pizza box was moderately created by Apple’s head of food services, Francesco Longoni. Inappropriately Apple does not have any idea to distribute its invention globally. Other people dealing with earlier containers and so-called soggy pizza. The company plans to start a café to the public when its headquarters are fully operative. However, the true resource will be able to experience Apple’s pizza box. Soon Apple will allow people to use its redesigned pizza box, but until the time other have to deal with the earlier container.