Apple Music to Introduce Hip Hop Scenes With ‘The New’ Playlist

Everyone has come with a different definition of music and it is a wonderful gift to humanity which makes humans feel happy, sad, uplifted, inspired and many more. So, the internet has straightened in all the ways people consume music. The music varies as per the place so when people travel across the country they will find some of the localized sounds. Every music service has unique and different style and accordingly, they suggest songs based on individuals’ choice.

A music and video streaming service by Apple have introduced ‘The New’ Playlist series that highlights developing artists from different areas in America including Chicago, New York, the South, the Bay, Los Angeles. Apple music unveiled this playlist especially for hip-hop and R&B artists.

Apple Music each playlist consists of around 50 songs that will represent specific area’s local music scene. The music contains something profoundly elemental. The tech giant plans to update the latest playlist on regular basis and looking to add recognizable names alongside brand’s new faces.

Apple Music for Atlanta playlist features Young, Migos, Thug. Even the company offering the favorites playlists that can be updated on fresh sounds from your region of choice

Since 2016, Apple Music expanding into video with the goal to become a cultural platform and tech giant wants the service to be a “one-stop shop for pop culture. Apple continuously heavily in the production and purchasing of video content. Since its launch, Apple Music gained popularity and there were around 40 million subscribers as of April 2018.