Amazon Founder Becomes the Richest Man in The World

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According to the Forbes World’s Billionaires list, with the net wealth of $141.9 billion Chief Executive Officer and founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos has become the richest man in the world. The list was exposed on Monday.

Jeff Bezos moves ahead of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who now holds the number two position with a net worth of $92.9 billion. However, the most celebrated investor Warren Buffet secured the third place with the net worth of $82.2 billion. Warren is one of the most successful investors in the world.

As per the information of the source, Since June 1 Bezos wealth has grown more than USD 5 billion. Amazon CEO also topped the Forbes world richest person list in March this year. On the 2018 Fortunes list of America’s largest companies, Amazon secured the eighth place with revenues of $177.87 billion earlier. However, Amazon grew into the second most valuable company after Tim Cook’s Apple.

The source stated that Amazon founder has a significant footprint in India. The company is growing very fast in the subcontinent

Amazon recently in talks for it Marriott International partnership. The company partnered with Amazon to help increase guest access to amenities with Alexa in an attempt to expand its presence in the hospitality industry.