4000 Eggs and Embryos Lost in Ohio Fertility Clinic

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Heartbreak growing for so many couples who had placed their trust in an Ohio Fertility Clinic. University hospital in Cleveland now saying that the number of frozen eggs & embryos lost is far higher than originally thought, doubled the number that previously reported and around 950 patients affected.

Chief Executive Officer at University Hospital, Thomas Zenty said, “There were more eggs and embryos affected than first estimated and it’s unlikely that any are viable.”

Eggs & embryos stored in Tank filled with liquid nitrogen. Sensors should have been monitoring the temperature, automatically refilling liquid nitrogen as needed. An alarm sounding if the temperature rose. But the hospital now stating patients in a letter that the autofill wasn’t working, and they were filling the tank manually and that alarm that was supposed to alert them something was wrong was off.

Thomas Zenty said, “The remote alarm system on the tank was off and there was a problem with the way we maintain the cryo storage tank.”

One of the patients, Kate and Jeremy went to the clinic to store embryos after her diagnosis with ovarian cancer. Another patient, Wendy Penniman said, “It’s devastating, I think, for us, but it’s more devastating because it’s taking something away from our kids.”

The source’s information stated that the manufacturer of this storage tank, Custom Biogenic Systems, has a history of problems dating back almost 15 years.

Expertise said that there are around 500 clinics that specialize in assisted reproduction across the country, according to 2015 report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which incorporated a list of 451 centers that have given them information and 35 others that had not.