Why Efficient Shipping is So Vital for E-Commerce Businesses

Addressing the fundamental element of stock, e-commerce breaks away from the traditional model by eliminating the need for a physical space to hold and sell merchandise. In fact, you don’t necessarily have to have any products on hand. While some online retailers opt to create and vend their own items, numerous others market goods produced by different manufacturers.

In the nascent stages of e-commerce, a shopper would be pleasantly surprised to find their online purchase delivered to their doorstep after a week. Times have indeed evolved! Now, in an age where Amazon has set lofty standards for shipping speeds, anything beyond a two-day delivery window might be deemed tardy by today’s consumers. To keep up, e-commerce entities must operate with exceptional efficiency and ingenuity.

The infographic that follows, titled ‘How to Speed Up E-commerce Deliveries,’ should be considered vital reading for those in charge of strategy and operations within virtually any e-commerce setting. Newly minted businesses must quickly master the art of swift distribution. Meanwhile, seasoned online merchants are compelled to explore innovative fulfillment methods that can reduce lead times without significantly increasing costs. For e-commerce companies experiencing a surge in growth, they may discover that logistical solutions that were effective just half a year prior have now become obsolete and are no longer efficient in light of their enhanced order volume.

Infographic created by FMH Conveyors, a premier provider of flexible motorized conveyors revolutionizing material handling

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