Ways Modern Tech is Reinventing the Green Movement

Tech is a major part of life for almost every living human. We use it to communicate, travel, store and cook food more efficiently, cool our homes, entertain us, and practically everything else. 

In some ways, that has been convenient but destructive. However, it doesn’t have to be destructive. In fact, the tech world is actually making a complete 180 to reinvent the way it impacts the world in a positive light; rather than a negative one. 

The best part is that tech isn’t going backward because of it. It’s advancing faster than ever. 

Today, we want to look at three ways tech is being used to reinvent the green movement and not only advance itself, but also help the planet. 

Let’s get started. 

1: Electric Cars 

This is one of the more obvious things. The electric car industry has been booming as of late, and there is more of a push for people who can afford one to make the switch now than ever before.

Electric cars aren’t nearly as inefficient as they used to be, either. They used to take hours upon hours to charge, and then they could barely keep a charge for a day of casual driving. That, and they didn’t have much power behind them. 

Now, cars can charge in as little as 45 minutes, and they can easily last for a week or more of casual driving; they’ve finally become great alternatives for combustion engine vehicles. 

However, the prices are still high on these cars, and some lower-income individuals do have trouble accessing them. Luckily, the prices should drop within the coming years as the tech becomes more commonplace. 

2: Paper Bags

We know what you’re thinking. “Those have been around forever, and they were part of the paper industry’s deforestation issue.” Well, you’re partially right. Paper bags were a big contributor to the destruction of the paper industry, but they’re not like that anymore. The paper bags you see today are nothing like the ones of the past. 

Now, they’re not even made from trees. Well, as long as the manufacturer is eco-friendly, that is. 

They’re made from a type of seaweed that is actively destroying coastlines and crushing ecosystems. So, by making these paper bags, manufacturers aren’t just getting away from plastic and deforestation; they’re also removing destructive flora species and helping coastal ecosystems. 

3: Low-Energy Lighting

Humanity has been reliant on lightbulbs since they were first invented and overcame oil lamps. However, they’ve never been very efficient or safe for the environment. Even the so-called eco-friendly bulbs typically contained toxic chemicals that leeched into the environment. 

Thankfully, modern technology has bestowed upon us a game-changer – the exceptional LED lighting. These luminous wonders require remarkably low electricity consumption while brilliantly illuminating our spaces. And the cherry on top? They won’t drain your wallet either!

As the talk of the town, LED lights have rapidly gained popularity. In fact, these energy-efficient marvels have become a common sight in various applications, from cozy living rooms to well-lit city thoroughfares. And if you’re wondering about their longevity, and have questions such as How Long Do LED Street Lights Last – Olympia Lighting, Inc. (or similar reputable LED provider) holds the key to that question. 

The Tech Industry Has Come a Long Way

Tech used to be everyone’s favorite scapegoat for environmental problems, but nowadays, it’s leading the charge to correct those problems. It’s just up to us to follow along. 

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