How to Remodel a Bathroom with a Jacuzzi

Find a contractor

You will need to choose a bathroom remodeling contractor who has experience in installing jacuzzi tubs. Be sure to choose a plumber and electrician who are willing to do the work while the tub is on-site. Choose the contractor based on their references. Make sure that the potential contractor has experience with this type of job.

If you have seen the professional’s work, use that as a comparison to ensure that they will do quality work for your bathroom jacuzzi remodel. Ensure that the contractor has a current license and insurance to operate as a business legally. Do not hire anyone unlicensed or uninsured.

Get an estimate

Before you begin a bathroom remodeling project, make sure you have all your financing ready and determine how much your contractor will charge for labor and materials. The average cost of a new shower is between $3,000 and $5,000; the same goes for bathtub installation.

You can expect to pay between $2,500 and $3,500 for a new bathroom sink and faucets. You should factor in the cost of repairing an existing bathtub or replace it with a Jacuzzi tub that will cost approximately $4,000 to $12,000.

Shop for materials

It may be tempting to buy a pre-fabricated whirlpool unit that you can drop into your newly remodeled bathroom, but most experts agree that it’s best to start with a few essential items and build from there. You will need an acrylic, metal, or fiberglass tub unit; plumbing connections for the drain, as well as an overflow pipe and a pressure release valve; a water-filtration system (this removes unwanted chemicals from the water); a pump (this turns regular water into bubble bath); plus jets and faucets. The average cost for all of these supplies is about $1,000.

It’s essential to do your homework before buying any of the items you need for your spa project. Prices vary widely from one store to another, so it’s best to shop around before deciding where to buy. You can find all of the parts you’ll need at home improvement centers or online. If you choose to buy online, keep in mind that shipping costs are included in many of the posted prices – you may be able to save money by placing larger orders with several different companies at once instead of just ordering individual items. To save even more money, consider getting some of these supplies on Craigslist or through a yard sale; if you’re handy, you can also ask a plumber or a contractor you know if they have any extra plumbing parts on hand that they’d be willing to sell.

Plan the layout of your new bathroom with your contractor and then make any necessary changes to the plan

Knowing how the new bathroom will be laid out ahead of time will ensure that all fixtures and equipment are installed logically. This step is crucial because remodeling one part of the plan could impact other parts and cause costly alterations.

The goal at this point is to forget about what’s being removed from the room – almost as if you’re designing a brand-new bathroom – and focus on your vision for its future look and function. Think about how you’ll want it to look in everyday use – whether it’s going to be a place where guests gather or simply a place to take care of business, for example. Will there be space for retail merchandise such as makeup? The more you think about these things now, the more dramatic your finished bathroom will be.

Remove all plumbing fixtures, drywall, and flooring from the bathroom space

To plan your renovation project, you’ll need to know how much room you have between the floor and ceiling of the existing bathroom. This will help you decide where fixtures such as cabinets or vents should be placed with a new whirlpool tub or other necessary features.

It’s best to measure the height of the bathroom before removing any walls, floors, and ceilings.

Install a new toilet in place of the old one

A toilet is a fixture that most people use several times a day. So you want to make sure you buy a good one and install it properly. Be sure the new toilet will fit in the old drain pipe. If not, you may need to find a plumber and replace or reroute this pipe. Install the water supply line for the new toilet. Turn off the main water valve under your sink and drain the water from both shutoff valves below it (you’ll be turning off only one of them at this point). You can ask your plumber Rochester Hills (or wherever you may live) to cut through the wall behind your new toilet with an oscillating saw, then feed plastic water supply pipes into these holes.

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