Online Payment Processor Security and Fees

Any paypal casino uk gamers are happy to game on a platform that by virtue of being PayPal supported suggests more than just regulatory compliance. What it also suggests is that there is greater security in the technical handling of the process of depositing and withdrawing money, but naturally that then brings into view the discussion of the fees associated with using something like PayPal as a payment processor. In order to gain a better understanding of those links, it’s imperative to look at both aspects in isolation.

While it’s possible to steal the password and username of the ExpressCard or PayPal ExpressPay account that someone has purchased a card from, the account does have security codes to lock the account down, if the user doesn’t have the credit card number.

PayPal fees

PayPal charges 1.4% + $0.20 per payment on domestic transactions, 2.9% + $0.20 per payment on international transactions. You can avoid all these fees by choosing a safer option for your payments, and use another payment method, such as Credit/Debit card.

You can do that by:

Using a credit card rather than a debit card (this requires a credit or debit card from the United States)

Using PayPal Credit or PayPal Cash (they are similar but use different checking accounts, so you will be prompted to select a payment method on PayPal on the payment page.

Otherwise, you will be charged fees for payments, which depend on your payment method. You can save $0.20-3.00 per payment by switching to PayPal Credit or PayPal Cash instead of PayPal.

PayPal Alternatives

If you as a business owner, are not keen on using PayPal as a payment processing system for your business, then you may want to research and consider other options.

Whilst at first this may seem daunting due to the wide prevalence of PayPal, you might easily be able to find a suitable alternative. You could look at websites similar to for an alternative. Or maybe you might prefer to speak to other small business owners for advice on who you possibly consider a different payment provider.

Checking accounts

Uniti Financial – This bank offers savings accounts that have no minimum monthly balance requirement or setup fees. You can pay from domestic and international accounts.

NewPenn Bank – Also offers savings accounts that have no minimum monthly balance requirement or setup fees. You can pay from domestic and international accounts.

Best Savings Accounts

Rising Star Bank – An online bank that only allows you to open one checking account and one savings account. Use your checking account for direct deposits, purchases, and payrolls. Use your savings account for monthly purchases and investments. They do not allow you to make a maximum purchase amount unless you pay for a minimum account balance. However, you can pay from your savings account for online purchases and wire transfers.

Bank of America – A universal bank, Bank of America allows you to keep two savings accounts and one checking account. You can pay from domestic and international accounts.

Applebank – A bank in the United Kingdom that offers savings accounts, which are only offered by some banks overseas. This bank offers a fixed minimum balance and zero charges for using your debit card on overseas transactions. However, you will be charged a 2.95% fee for all transactions.

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