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Most people only make it so far as the idea stage when coming up with a business venture, but it so much more immersive and complicated than that. When you have an idea for a business, you need a business plan. What is that? Simply put: a business plan is an outline for the ways you not only plan to implement the business, but how you plan to fund it, projected costs and profits, as well as a five-year plan.

A business plan is not done quickly and takes a great deal of thought, research, and effort to compose. It can be stressful to try to come up with a business plan from scratch and you may need help along the way. That is why there are a few apps worth checking out that will help you to create your business plan.


If you are writing your first ever business plan, StratPad is an excellent choice. It has view-on-demand videos, many free how-to tools for beginners (including a 58-page tutorial for business strategy), email-based customer service, and so much more.

A free edition is available to students and the more comprehensive and advanced your business plan, the higher the costs (up to $54.99). The investment is worth it, however, because your business plan is the blueprint and it needs to be at its best if you have a hope of getting your business off the ground and making it a success.


Enloop walks you through each step of creating a traditional business plan by taking data that you enter and automatically generating profit and loss, sales, balance sheet projects, and cash flow, showing you a breakdown of each with graphs and other visual elements to give you a better grasp of the overall picture.

Like StratPad, the costs escalate based on how comprehensive your plan is and it unfortunately comes only in a web-based application. Still, it is an incredibly helpful and useful tool to get your business plan down and get you moving forward.

Business Plan Premier

This app has many of the same features but will also walk through writing your future company’s mission statement and vision, any product descriptions as well las marketing plans. You can also see your strengths, opportunities, weaknesses, and threats based on industry competitors. This highly useful tool helps you to not only define your business, but your target market as well.

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