Zighra Launches SensifyID To Deliver Safer Transactions

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Technology is all about knack of all arranging world. Everything is digitalized, so any task performs with a single click. There are various transaction applications are available, so due to an increase of mobile transactions authentication process is not secure especially password. Next-generation requires some advanced modes of authentication.

A company specializes in threat detection, Artificial Intelligence, Zighra recently developed its first patented solution called SensifyID. The platform provides set of intelligent analytics to create highly personalized models to validate the right user. SensifyID offers powerful security controls to user identity without any disruption. Additionally, it gathers device behavioral that enable continuous proof of presence as well as powerful analytics to authenticate a user’s identity.

The development incorporates behavioral biometrics, sensor analytics, the strength of AI to actively authenticate the identity. It also builds unique as well as a real-time behavioral model for the user.

Chief Executive Officer of Zighra, Deepak Dutt said, “The rise of mobile transactions and on-demand services have opened the door for well-organized, ill-intentioned actors to compromise accounts and commit fraudulent transactions across apps in banking, commerce, and other industries”. The team taking behavioral authentication to the next level by adding SensifyID to AI-powered analytics.