Icy conditions causing multiple accidents in Springdale. The whiteout conditions blinding drivers on the roads. Hundreds of delays and cancellations coast to coast.

Treacherous driving and messy commute for millions. Outside the New York city, the Tappan Zee Bridge shut down because of multiple crashes. New Connecticut, a FedEx truck sliding out of control and outside of the Washington a pickup truck crashes into the bakery.

At Baltimore’s airport, investigators were probing why a plane skidded on the taxiway as it was taking off. 149 people, onboard all evacuated safely. One of the passengers stated that the flight’s been delayed by more than two hours and still all are stuck.

West of Atlanta, a severe storm topping trees, and damaging structures. Multiple crashes happened due to the weather. Outside, Jackson, Mississippi, a school bus and a minivan colliding on wet roads. Several people injured in multiple accidents on icy roads. Tragically, in Texas, a deadly mix of speed and weather costing one driver his life.

Around thousands of flights cancelled and airlines are issuing the waivers before the next storm hits.