A leading producer of printing inks, Sun Chemical has gone into a license agreement to launch a new another group of atomic inks with Groupe Graham International technologies for the printed electronics market. Groupe Graham International technologies is a world pioneer in UI innovations in touch applications and the National Research Council of Canada.

GGI and the NRC’s new sub-atomic ink innovation will be delivered by Sun Chemical, cooperatively promoted by each of the three associations. The latest IPS group of the product is an alternative to the traditional polymer thick film conductive inks and fill in as an ease contrasting option to nanomaterials. The latest IPS group of the product combine copper as well as silver metallization substitutes linked through an inkjet or other rapid printing techniques. The key element of the nuclear inks sub-micron trace thickness will empower the group of tight follows in thin dielectric layers on an assortment of utilization.

Chief Executive Officer at GGI, Eric Saint-Jacques said that the latest platform has been multi-year development with the NRC and the group satisfied to have its approved by a worldwide market creator. Further, he added that the group feels honored to work with Sun Chemical.

Global Commercial and Strategic Initiatives Director, Roy Bjorlin said, “Everyone eagerly wants to bring the innovative product line to the market, and clients will be satisfied to have an alternative in the commercial center that highlights almost negligible differences for printed devices.