A digital advocacy firm, SociallyMined introducing their Cloud-Based Desktop and Mobile Dashboard Software before the start of New Year for Real-time Analytics. The firm also recognized for mobile and influencer technology and become the leader in emerging cutting-edge technology to track sentiment using social media.

SociallyMined provides past successes as well as insight lessons along with industry gossips to provide help about innovative tech solutions.

Chief Innovation Officer for SociallyMined, Steve Zeitchik said that the team always looking to deliver computable results to their clients and new platform designed will follow the same strategy. Furthermore, he added that through the new platform the client able to track the company’s campaigns impact by viewing reports.

The new dashboard allows for traditional solutions reporting such as Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Pages, Google Analytics and many more.

Steve Zeitchik stated that with the one-stop dashboard, the company improving the value as well as exploiting customers investment. The company offering this service to their clients without taking single money. SociallyMined offering effective results along with values by having the capacity to trail analytics of varied solutions on their mobile devices and desktop.

People will get a chance to have look at the new dashboard on 28th December 2018. The system has got extremely positive feedback while testing and by the end of the January, it is to be available for all the clients.