SavvyCube Releases Newer Version of Analytics Tool

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An e-commerce analytics provider, SavvyCube declared the newer version of the analytics tool. It is the major updates for Magento-based online stores. SavvyCube combines the data from Google Analytics, Magento to deliver a complete view of the business.

SavvyCube developed by the team that runs MageWorx has developed over 50 Magento extensions helps to grow businesses. SavvyCube is an e-commerce analytics software. The new version of the tool brings powerful analytics tool to small as well as and medium-sized businesses without the outlay of enterprise-level solutions.

SavvyCube’s founder, Alexander Shymanets said that the customer delightedly loves the new features as well as the design of SavvyCube 2. It is released with an intention to equip e-commerce businesses. The tool supports data significance from PayPal, Magento and Google Analytics. It also combines product as well as sales data from Magento and transaction fees data from PayPal. Its future updates will add some more data sources.

The new tool has featured completely redesigned interface along with new dashboard to deliver high-level overview to the user. Additionally, it has advanced reports which provide functionality to drill down into the data. The tool has the capability to connect numerous Magento stores.