A non-profit association to encourage women empowerment, Women in Trucking Association launched a new plush doll to encourage the girl to enter the transportation industry. This helps women to become a leader in various departments such as transportation, logistics, trucking, supply chain and many more.

HABA produced and developed the plush doll. Girls marking footprints in every field as the whole world is wide open to fly. Now it’s dream comes true moment for every girl those want to enter this industry.

The doll highlights an official Women in Trucking top on a breeze blown the fair head of hair and stands 13″ tall. When it comes to the package that determines her trip into the driver’s seat of her own one of a kind 18-wheeler.

Ellen Voie’s invention booming the market and it’s an inspiration for all girls. This release could transform people mind in a different way as for sure it will bring a huge change in women empowerment.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Women in Trucking, Ellen Voie stated that the latest move is the long-time dream that comes true now. Further, she added that the latest toy helps every woman to do their best and just be great.