Outdoor Activities Alive With PEGASUS

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The company specializes in outdoor activities and power solutions, ACOPower has revealed portable power station named PEGASUS. PEGASUS developed to meet the advanced demands and it is preferred as the best choice for emergency backup and outdoor events.

PEGASUS has the capability to energize 9 gadgets at the same time while furnishing enlightenment with its inherent LED light board. It fulfills the emergency needs and becomes the best choice any outdoor campaigns. The power station contains a broad number of yield ports, various charging abilities and available at the cost of $368.

PEGASUS recognized to be extremely useful with the ability to charge electronic devices such as laptop over 10 times, a smartphone over 80 times and so on. The expert team added the flavour of the flashlight with SOS function, so it will be used in emergency situations.

The generator has a wide range of output ports and capable to charge multiple devices simultaneously, it can also use as the industrial as well as an indoor power source. The generator furnished with 600Wh batteries, which allows the user to charge any kind of electronics. It has come up with solar charge controller, so it is possible to recharge the generator efficiently which also ensures the safety of the product.

The innovative breakthrough equipped with other functions which include smart battery management system, splash proof, operation environment and so on. The product assures the enjoyable experience to the customers.