A social games development company, King added another member to its management team. The company appointed Joyce Adeluwoye as a global director of diversity and inclusion. The company has taken another step in pushing for diversity with a key new appointment.

Joyce Adeluwoye worked as decent variety lead for more than two years. Prior to this, which she held a comparative position at the Producer’s Alliance for Cinema and Television.

Joyce Adeluwoye joined the Candy Crush maker, not long after accepting an MBE for her work extending the ability pool of the media business and she has more than 21 years of involvement in her field, which King is quick to draw on.

Adeluwoye said, “It’s no surprise that more diverse talent can result in an increase in productivity, innovation and even revenue.” Further, she added, “It’s a real honor to join a company which has such a strong desire to improve diversity and inclusion across its workforce – and I’m excited to drive this agenda forward in my new position at King.”

King’s chief people officer, Colin Daly said, “We’re extremely pleased to welcome Joyce to the King team.” Further, Colin Daly added, “She is a passionate and inspirational leader and will make a significant contribution to our company and culture and our ongoing work around global talent strategy, diversity and inclusion.”