ABODA Inc Acquire by Westbridge Capital

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A private equity management company, Westbridge Capital Ltd has earned a Seattle-based leading provider of global housing solutions, ABODA, Inc. Westbridge Capital is highly experienced investment firm, concentrates on investments in India. The company leverages capital as well as experience to help companies succeed.

President of Westbridge Capital, Michael Meekins said that from its start ABODA has evolved into one of the leading providers of corporate housing in the industry. Its financial performance attached to state-of-the-art technology, a culture of quality and service and the team made the logical choice for first acquisition in this very exciting segment. ABODA’s acquisition perfectly fitted in the launch of alternative accommodation brand, RESIDE Worldwide. RESIDE Worldwide will pursue targeted real estate acquisitions and building management opportunities.

RESIDE Worldwide Chief Executive Officer, Lee Curtis said that the team sees RESIDE’s core mission as that of an innovator, conquering any interruption between the housing and hospitality markets. It will be offering a huge range of the flexibility and choice for global accommodations. Further, Lee Curtis said that they are excited about building upon ABODA’s momentum and maximizing the team’s potential, led by Dave Caple.

Seattle-based RESIDE Worldwide focused on providing vetted and flexible accommodations options to global explorer. It possesses an assortment of hospitality companies, including RESIDE Management and RESIDE Properties.